Sales Tax Exempt Status

New York State requires sales tax (or use tax) to be paid on the purchase of personal property unless the purchase is exempt. Sales tax is added to the purchase price of the products and remitted to the state by the seller; use tax is reported and remitted to the state by the buyer. In each case, the liability is the same. Micro Soldering Supply is collecting sales tax from our customers unless we have a properly executed exemption certificate.

Sales tax collection is based on the address that you are shipping to. The tax collected will be based on the ship to location's tax requirements. In order not to be charged the tax you would need to have a tax exempt certificate on file for the state you are shipping to.

While most products are tax exempt, certain items like those under "Tools & Supplies" are not.

If you are a business in New York State with a Sales Tax Certificate of Authority, please fill out the purchaser fields in the ST-120 form and send a copy to and we will update your account to reflect your tax exemption status.